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Hope Layer Podcast

Jan 12, 2024

Bobbie thought God was leading her to receive time away at the Restorable Retreat so she could "work" on resting and self care stuff, but He had so much more for her! 

She left the Restorable retreat thinking that an 8 week break would do the trick, but was suprised to find out that God was actually calling her to a whole year of stopping EVERYTHING! 

And, now, after her "stop year" has passed, she is better than ever and shares here how the Restorable Retreat was her catalyst for healing.  

Listen as my hard-working, entreprenuer, mom-juggling, caffenated friend shares; WHY God led her to STOP EVERYTHING, HOW she “stopped” it all, WHAT it felt like, and WHAT great things are coming from that year of stop!!

To the woman with deep stirring emotions who desparately longs for time and space away from "it" all, but is afraid of what that might mean or even feel like... may you find hope and comfort here.

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